Corrival Ranch


Opening Fall 2023


Corrival has 14 dedicated 14’x14’ stalls outfitted with StableComfort stall mats and automatic waterers for horses requiring lengthy treatment such as constant stall rest or limited turn out. Residents are monitored closely and provided with daily care according to their custom treatment plans laid out by your veterinarian. Our staff are experienced in a variety of medicinal and therapeutic skills to include safely hand walking, bandaging, wound care, administering medications, controlled exercise, and sessions using our wide variety of therapeutic equipment.

Hudson Aquapacer

The Hudson Aquapacer is an underwater equine treadmill designed to provide low-impact, high-resistance therapy for recovery and conditioning of overall fitness. The unique combination of controlled speed and water height creates a perfect environment for building both muscle and stamina in a joint healthy way versus traditional means of consistent, potentially stressful under saddle work day after day. The temperature-controlled water also helps to reduce inflammation and increase circulation throughout the body. It has cold salt water and warm water options. There is the ability to access and condition on the dry treadmill as well.

Hudson Saltwater Spa

Application of cold saltwater helps to reduce inflammation of soft tissues and minimize the risk of injury post exercise during the conditioning phase of training. Water temperatures can be lowered to 35°F in minutes for a “colder than ice” feel to control joint and muscle soreness and treat injuries. Saltwater therapies aid in the treatment of tendinitis, ligament injuries, wounds, sore shins, hoof ailments, bag spavins, wind galls, joint stiffness, and general body soreness. This specific spa is the only one in the US that provides not only cold salt water but hot as well.


Theraplate is a safe, non-invasive, whole body treatment which encourages circulation to extremities and reduces inflammation in a completely natural, drug free way. The gentle vibrations are non-irritating to existing or older injuries which makes Theraplate a perfect curative for soundness issues in horses. Theraplate treatments also reduce the occurrence of injuries when administered before exercise and conversely aids in recovery post activity. Corrival has two Theraplates on site for rehabilitation residents.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy targets specific areas of pain as opposed to whole body treatment methods by penetrating the skin with specific wavelengths of light to promote healing at the cellular level and reduce inflammation. Areas of concern include SI joints, spine, coffin bones, tendons, ligaments, stifles, and other musculoskeletal areas. Cold laser therapy also aids in the relief of muscle soreness and fatigue following an intense workout which helps to prevent significant stress injuries. This safe method of therapy has zero negative side effects and is extremely beneficial in accelerating the healing of sports injuries.

Pulse PEMF

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is a noninvasive, regenerative treatment for high stress areas such as joints, back, head, shoulders, and deeper tissues not easily reached by massage, lasers, or pin point healing methods. The gentle pulsing administered through the Pulse Equine System attachment coils and pads activates metabolic health at a cellular level by “charging” the body’s cells. This cellular activity aids in the body’s natural healing processes when dealing with injury, illness, or recovery by enhancing absorption of oxygen and nutrients, increasing blood flow to targeted areas, and naturally detoxing cellular waste.