A 30-year foundation of proven winners starts here.

Our breeding program at Corrival Ranch is built upon quality individuals instead of just pedigrees or show records. The foundation of the Corrival Ranch breeding program is our belief in our individual broodmares and certain characteristics that pay dividends in the long run. First, they must have a balanced conformation. The second characteristic is the pedigree of a great equine athlete. Then, they must have a good mind and attitude that allows them to be trained at the highest level, and also a pleasure to be around and work with. These qualities, combined with our Corrival Ranch stallions, have produced unique and beautiful horses that can win in whatever discipline you are interested in and you will enjoy working with them! We really want to breed and raise equine partners that are more than equine props for people to show.

Absolute Impulse 
2000 Black Quarter Horse Mare
Hot Impulse x Patent Lether Passer
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Aviva For Certain 
2005 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Certain Potential x Dotevita
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Certainty Platinum 
2014 Grey Quarter Horse Mare 
Im A Platinum Dream x Aviva For Certain
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Fashioned By Impulse 
2003 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Hot Impulse x Fashioned Leaguer
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Huntin Ona Holiday 
2009 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
On Holiday x Huntin A Rumor
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Im Born To Dream 
2015 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Im A Platinum Dream x Zippos Petite Lady
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Ima Wise Zipper 
2011 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Investing Wisely x Ima Zipper Snipper
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RR A Certain Sue 
2018 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Certain Potential x RR Just Simply Sue
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Tailing White Lies 
2015 Sorrel Overo Quarter Horse Mare
Coats N Tails x Lukable
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Wild Gypsy Soule 
2012 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Certain Potential x Ima Shady Amiga
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WW She’s Certain 
2010 Bay Quarter Horse Mare
Certain Potential x Im Born Formal
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Zippos Petite Lady 
1997 Bay Quarter Horse Mare
Petite Lord x Zippo Dollie
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